Health Law

Soltan Hukuk conducts preliminary audits in this field in terms of rules and standards that private health institutions should comply with in accordance with the relevant legislation and provides consultancy services to eliminate deficiencies in this regard.
Our firm also provides a comprehensive service to its clients in terms of resolving disputes within the framework of the patient-doctor relationship and evaluating the crimes committed in this process within the scope of criminal law. In this context, our Law Firm monitors compensation and criminal cases against doctors and other healthcare professionals regarding the treatment or negligence of the treatment such as misdiagnosis, wrong treatment, incorrect surgical intervention, prescribing wrong medication and the like. Our firm also provides consultancy services on patient and physician rights, management of private health institutions and corporate and professional liability insurance for its employees.

 Providing Consultancy Service to Private Hospitals
 Follow-up of Compensation and Criminal Cases against Doctors
 Evaluation of Malpractice Contracts
 Meetings with Insurance Companies Regarding Professional Liability Insurance
 Evaluation of Insurance Clauses and Contracts

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