Intellectual Property Law

One of the academic specialties of our Law Firm is Intellectual Property Law. Soltan Hukuk provides services to its clients in combating piracy and counterfeiting, along with consultation, registration and renewal in the field of intellectual property rights, especially in the areas of brand, patent, industrial design, copyright and internet domain names.

Our Law Firm protects all kinds of lawsuits related to intellectual property such as the protection of intellectual property law rights, the cancellation and invalidation of all kinds of registrations, and the prevention and invalidation of unlawful and unfair registrations, taking precautionary measures, contact, unfair competition lawsuits and It serves its clients in the execution of disputes.

 Making Trademark, Patent and Industrial Design Applications
 Registration and Renewal Transactions
 Making Internet Domain Applications
 Legal Applications Against Pirate and Counterfeit Goods
 Trademark Invalidity, Asylum and Unfair Competition Litigation
 Positive and Negative Determination Lawsuits
 The Trial of Men
 Invalidity Cases
 Decision Cancellation Lawsuits Against Turkish Patent Institute Decisions

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